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Alive Inside (2014) PosterI recently watched a documentary “Alive Inside” that talks about how music can trigger a patient who suffers from loss of memory due to diseases such as Alzheimer. The film demonstrated how music therapy can help the patients to ease their suffering of isolation and helplessness.

It is mind-blowing to see these live examples of how personalized music works in one’s brain and the stimulating effects it has on the patients. Our healthcare system often time just prescribes medication to these patients and places them in nursing homes. It is saddening to see  these patients are often older, have no one to come visit and eventually shut down to live in their own world.

With the help of personalized music therapy, these patients can feel alive once again and it brings tears to my eyes to see how as simple as just listening to familiar music can restore a sense of self to those who suffer from these memory-loss diseases and are appreciated by the patients.



LOL! Don’t mind having one in the office though (perhaps on April Fool).


Even after they are gone …

Ball Ball eating carrot



Here’s the forecast for Edmonton, AB –
Pockets of snow this morning, ending near noon. 1-2 cm possible.
Wind: NW 30 gusting to 50km/h
High: -5C  Low: -15C

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I needed to be reminded of this from time to time …

Less Vs. More 2014

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Hi, Happy 2014 to you all.

I saw someone posted this Less-More 2014 chart on my FaceBook and thought I would share it here too. Maybe I can make a fridge magnet out of it as a daily reminder.

May God bless you all a healthy and joyful 2014.