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Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. It’s quite a fun song (and similar chord progressions to Wonderwall by Oasis).

For the rhythm part, I put a capo on fret 1 to avoid most of the barre chords while matching up the original recording (key: Fm). The melody part, I played with no capo.

This is the first time I try to record a multi-tracks video – rhythm, melody, guitar solo (not shown in video), outro. I didn’t do the intro part as I don’t know how or have the device to match with the original record’s tremolo effect.

Step 1: Record the audio and video tracks

  • For the audio tracks, I connected my Fender Mustang I amp directly to my computer with an USB cable and then used Audacity to record the separate tracks.
  • For the videos, I also recorded each of the rhythm, melody, guitar solo, outro part separately with a camcorder (at the same time while I recorded the audio tracks).

Step 2: Merge the audio tracks

  • Merge the separate audio tracks into one single track Audacity.

Step 3: Merge the videos

  • Downloaded the videos from the memory card in camcorder (they are recorded in MP4 format)
  • I used a free video editor, LightWorks to put all the parts together.

Step 4: Put it all together

  • Take the merged video in step 3,  mute the audio from the video
  • Sync up the muted video with the merged audio track in step 2.
  • Export the video to whatever format you like. That’s it.

Merging the audio tracks recorded from the amp is the easiest part of this whole exercise. The hard part is to sync up all the video parts – spent hours on Lightworks doing just that. There must be easier ways to do this!

Here is a video of me playing along.


Video recorded on September 1, 2014