Loop a section of a song and change playback speed in VLC Media Player

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Resources
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When I am learning a new song, I usually practice section by section repeatedly. It is very helpful to listen to the section in loop while playing along. Here is how I do it with VLC Media Player (version 2.0.0 for Windows 7):

1. Start by playing the song in VLC Media Player (find the song in your music library, right click on it, select Open with, then select VLC Media Player
VLC_Step1-Open with

2. Go to the View menu, select Advanced Controls.

VLC_Step2a-Adv Ctrl

3. Click the Loop from point A to point B continuously button once to set your starting point (if the starting point is not at the beginning of the song, click the Play button and let the song plays to your desired location first before clicking the Loop from button).

VLC_Step2b-Loop from
4. Let the song plays to your desired stop location. Click the Loop from point A to point B button again to set your point B.

VLC_Step3-Set point B

5. Now your start and end points have been set and the selected section of the song will loop.

6. Slowing down the playback speed of the song (or selected section of the song) helps a lot too.You can do that by going to the Playback menu then select Speed. You can select from the pre-defined speed options from Slower to Faster.

VLC_Select speed

  1. Cerberus97 says:

    Thanks man, helped a lot


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